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Aug 24, 2019 · It would be only a GET function defined in SNOW but could someone provide me step by step instructions on how this can be done from Intune and in ServiceNow. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Regards,
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Feb 20, 2019 · If you need to use version 1 of the ServiceNow JSON API, pass legacy => 1 to the contructor. "Instance" in the contructor represents the part of the service now url that is before So METHODS get. Accepts a table/record name and a sys_id for that record, returns an arrayref with either 0 or 1 elements ...
The list of available non-CMDB tables includes a subset of tables within the system, which have a reference to the Configuration Item [cmdb_ci] class or its children. The list of non-CMDB tables, includes tables such as Asset, Task, and Problem.
CMDB APIs (CMDB SDK) Use CMDB APIs to create, update, and read operations on the CMDB. supported in CMDB APIs. CMDB APIs (CMDB SDK) Service Now (49) Employee Self-Service Portal (48) ServiceNow Partner (42) IT Service Management (40) Customer-Centric IT (38) Customer-Centric ITSM (36) Service Catalog Consultant (36) Service Catalog Planning (35) Service Design Processes (35) Service Portal (35) ITIL (31) ServiceNow Solutions (31) ITSM Consultants (27) IT Consulting (26 ...
In the ServiceNow application, navigate to BigPanda > Configuration. In the General section, enter the appropriate keys provided in the BigPanda Console Integration instructions. Enter the BigPanda organization key here. Enter the BigPanda API key here. Enter the ServiceNow Incidents App Key here.
ServiceNow Configuration Management Database gives you full visibility into your infrastructure and service. Make better decisions with an accurate CMDB as your single system of record. Oct 16, 2018 · Service-now a IT Service management (ITSM) tool based on cloud platform provides end to end transformation of IT services. Service Now provides REST API to communicate with SNOW instance. We will use REST API in our program to interact with service now instance. We are explaining step by step procedure to achieve this
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