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Take the brake caliper and slowly slide over the rotor line up and start the 2 bolts that hold the caliper into place. Torque the bolts to (1997 and earlier) 65ft-lbs (1998 and later) 23ft-lbs Re-install the wheel and torque lug nuts to 85 to 105ft-lbs. Remove the jack stands. Lower the car.
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Jan 13, 2015 · You need to bleed the hydro-vac first and then the wheel cylinders, start at the farthest away from the hydro vac, most likely the right rear. You need to pull the rear axle first, just take off the eight nuts that hold the axle to the hub and the axle will pull right out.
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Feb 12, 2008 · Do not torque your wheel bearings to 220 Lb/Ft. Consult a service manual for proper wheel bearing installation. Proper installation is extremely important for wheel bearing longevity. They would probably last about 2 miles at 220 Lb/Ft.
Align the brake shield with the holes and slide the new hub bearing. Screw the axle nut HAND TIGHT and screw the hub bearing bolts, again, be very careful when doing this!! Also, notice that the bolts have some coloring to it. DONT REMOVE IT!!! That is some sort or thread lock and a cool way of knowing which bolt goes. Don’t torque them yet.
Hey Guys, does anyone have the Torque Specs needed for the front Hub/Bearing Replacement ie. Hub to Knuckle Bolts, Caliper Bracket to Knuckle Bolts and Drive Axel to Hub Bearing Nut ( i think the last is 151 ft/lbs). I'm about to change the right front hub bearing on my 2013 AWD 2.4L Terrain which is roaring at only 54K (yeah, IK it's a know ... Wheel bearing kit Since 1999 AL-KO has been offering a market-leading extensive range of wheel bearing kits. Our bearings are manufactured to the highest standards from taper roller bearings, double row bearings, hub bearings, double row bearing, hub bearings to the latest Active Sensor Bearings (ABS) & include components to correctly complete ...
When replacing make sure axle nut (33mm) is torqued to spec. [160Nm (118lb ft); hub bolts (13mm) torque spec: 130Nm (96lb ft) - 2000 Montana] --- The Grand Am uses a larger nut (36mm) thus the higher torque. 3 people found this helpful. May 11, 2010 · Subaru wheel bearings Explained part 2. Pictured below is what is called a captured wheel bearing. And here is a wheel bearing and hub assembly. Rather than the bearing being pressed into the knuckle assembly it now bolts in with the choice of replacing the entire unit hub and all(the part the wheel bolts up […]
The next day I nipped over to the local motor factors and bought a new set of wheel bearings, a ball joint splitter, and a socket big enough to remove the castellation nut that holds the wheel hub on (1.5/8"). Replacing a front wheel bearing is no easy job. 21) Reinstall 32mm nut, torque to 339 ft-lbs. If the parking brake doesn’t hold it, then do step#22 and have someone actuate the brakes while you’re torquing the nut. 22) Reinstall brake caliper (torque bolts to 85 ft-lbs). Reinstall brake pads. 23) Reinstall heater supply tube.
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